Last Saturday was the first major snowstorm of the year and for many reasons, it was a hard day for me.

I happen to love the winter, and the joy of snow. It brings me memories of unplanned and eagerly anticipated school snow days, fabulous family ski trips and the combination of pain and pleasure that comes with the thawing out of my fingers and toes after skiing, snowshoeing, sledding or the many other ways I love to play in the snow.

However, this was the first time I have been alone at home during a blizzard in many, many years; and it was extremely uncomfortable…and yet empowering, at the same time.

It hit me last Friday, the day before the big storm.

This time I wouldn’t have someone to hunker down with.

This time I wouldn’t have someone to nudge me to take a snowy walk in the blizzard.

This time I wouldn’t have someone there with me if the power went out for any reason.

This time I wouldn’t have anyone to help me shovel out when it was done.

I was all alone.

So with slightly shaky hands, I made a list of what I might need:
• Shovel
• Broom
• Ice melt
• Candles
• Flashlight
• Healthy fun food

I headed to Home Depot and Whole Foods to gather my storm essentials, and made my way home to prepare. And when the supplies were put away, and my boots, hat, gloves and heavy winter coat put out; I lit a few candles and settled in for the night.

It snowed all day Saturday, so I decided to take a bath, give myself a facial, hang everything on my walls that I haven’t had a chance to do since moving in, cleaned, organized, caught up on my finances and writing, and even watched a few good movies.

And I as I got ready for bed, having accomplished so much and feeling so proud of how nice my new home feels with the familiarity of beautiful pictures hanging on the walls, I realized…

I’ve got this.

I am alone right now but I am okay.

For so many years I have focused my attention on others, because I wanted to…because I loved them deeply.

But over the past year I let go of so much, primarily because as I walk into this next chapter, I have new goals and ambitions that I must now focus on.

And so this weekend felt symbolic.

When we have new goals and aspirations, it is necessary to create the space and path to go out and get it.

Perhaps you are seeking professional advancement,

A career change altogether,

A more fulfilling position,



Or support circle.

Whatever you desire, in order to get it you will have to clear space for the journey.

You will have to let go.

You may need to let go of habits, old ways of being, friends or colleagues, and the limiting story you may be telling yourself.

Instead, you will have to embrace something bigger, bolder, and scarier; you will have to own your greatest and unlimited potential. And doing so will feel lonely and incredibly daunting, but it is what you must do to get what you want.

It is in these times that feel challenging, overwhelming and frightening that we have the choice to shine our brightest light. Perhaps it will be through a shaky voice, a pit in our stomachs, a dull ache in our hearts or eyes that well up with tears; but if we persist through it, and choose to tap our resilience, we can and will shine brightly.

The darkest of times are our greatest opportunity to step into who we are meant to be, despite fear or caution.

So as I look outside at the blue sky and sparking, snowy world, I know that I have this…and I am excited at the unfolding of what is to come.

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