I promised you would be the first to know, and I always keep a promise.

You and I, we have been connected for a long time…and I am so grateful to have you a part of my world.

I have known for a long time that what is most important to me is that you be able to create the kind of life, love and career that allow you to be the woman you are meant to be; and that you are able to balance them all with intention and grace.

I know that I have shared with you that I would be launching Fierce & Feminine Resilience: a New Leadership and Success Model for Women this month, and I am proud to say that I am ready to unveil it to you.


As a new expert for the DailyWorth, I will be sharing this new model and soon be offering entirely new programs and services that will give you everything you need to use your power as a woman to control your destiny, even when the things fall apart.

You can find my first post, Develop your Fierce and Feminine Resilience on the DailyWorth site at the following by clicking here.

As well, I hope you will sign up to get your free guide to Fierce & Feminine Resilience and Leadership at http://www.feminineresilience.com/.

This short guide is only an introduction, an open door through which I hope you walk in.

Your one, amazing life is a journey…and we are on it together.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend my love!


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