So, as the weather gets nice, if you are anything like me, you are simply itching to get out!

As my dear friend and fellow divorcee said this past weekend, “All I want is to find a nice guy and have a great time this summer…where do I find him?”

Are any of you feeling the same way?

If you are, then you are not alone! So, do you want to know what I told her?

YOU DON’T NEED A MAN TO HAVE A GREAT TIME THIS SUMMER…however if you have a great time this summer, you might find a great man!

What do you mean, you ask?

Well, here is what I mean. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is enjoying themselves completely! Whatever it is, they are doing, you can see that they are simply having a great time!

enjoy summer

This same friend of mine is just beginning to online date and is confused by just how it works. She asked, “I emailed him yesterday, but he didn’t get back to me yet. What does this mean?” I suggested to her that perhaps he was busy with work, or hobbies or his children…perhaps he doesn’t sit by his computer all day trolling for dates!

What if he is just a busy guy doing the things he both needs and wants to do…doesn’t she want someone with a full life that he wants to share with her????

I offered, “Why don’t you find a few hobbies for yourself and get involved with things that interest you…you will probably meet more people when you are not looking than if you are?”

What is the moral of this short story? It is to make a full and rich life for yourself and when you are enjoying all the areas of your life, your radiance will shine and you might be surprised at who walks in the door!

Here are my five tips for having a great time this summer:

1. Explore What You Love Doing

Take time now, before June, to identify those things that you love doing. Is it bike riding? Is it listening to music? Is it fishing? Is it wine tasting? Is it networking?

Make a list of those 5 things that you would like to indulge in this summer. Don’t worry about how to do it, just simply brainstorm what those five interests or hobbies are and then put them in priority, 1-5.

2. Get Involved

Next, do a little research on any clubs or groups in your area that DO what you love doing? Checkout sites like that have groups around every conceivable interest and hobby.

Find the local “women’s only” centers where they offer retreats, classes or events.

Find out when your local Chamber of Commerce has its Business After Hours, a casual happy hour where you can go as a professional, job seeker or simply Chamber supporter.

Take a risk and attend an event for the first time!

3. Online Dating

Okay ladies! If you work, have children, commitments and don’t love to drink, then going out to bars to meet people and have a great night out is probably not going to get you to meet people!

If you would like to date, which is a fun thing to do, then your best luck will be with online dating.

You can choose:

What creates the most success with these sites, however, is not the scantily clad photo…but the honesty, creativity and intriguing profile that you write. Something that truly reflects who you are and what you are looking for. Need help, just let me know!

4. Self Care

You MUST take care of your mind, body and soul…or the rest of you will not radiate!

Make this summer your time to:

• take a yoga class
• try kickboxing
• walk every single day
• meditate
• clean up your eating

Each small change you make in the way you take care of yourself, will have dramatic results for the rest of you!

5. Volunteer

If you feel as I do, and you want to make a difference in someone’s life, then take the time to find a non-profit to support with your time.

The ALL need our support right now…the economic recession has dramatically affected the ability of non-profits to continue their valuable missions.

Again, explore what is most important to you and I can promise that there is a nonprofit that supports your cause. And, I can practically guarantee that they would be thrilled to have your time, talent and/or treasure to help them serve others.

Again, if you don’t know where to begin, let me know and I will point you in the right direction!

I hope you start TODAY to shape the way you want your summer to look…once your vision is created…you can begin to manifest it!

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