What a week.

I normally don’t get political even though I am quite opinionated and passionate about my beliefs. But this week has me stuck in the grey zone, and I’m glad.

As we move into thanksgiving and the holiday season, I hope you will allow me to share some of my thoughts with you; in the hopes of giving you something to think about…something to consider.

You all know my “no sudden movements” philosophy and model, where mastering intentional living and loving is learned. It is a model of leadership that is built on intellectual and emotional mastery to maximize results.

Over the past week(s), I have watched a lot emotional turbulence around the country and world, and I see fear, hatred and impulsivity running rampant on social media and in the way we are all communicating. This way of being is counterproductive and whether you believe it or not, it perpetuates more of the same.

So here are some of my thoughts.

I am not “right”, I am not “wrong”…in matters of real life, there is usually no such thing.

My intention is to give you perspective…and offer a way to wrap your head around things that have no easy answers and have caused us to feel deep pain and sadness.

Life in 2015/2016 looks different than it ever has.



“Trump” politics…

Women, power and the path to “equality”…

The right to marriage, healthcare and all civil liberties…

These are becoming our “new normal”.

It is time to accept where we are, and face the future with an intention to be open to understanding and creating a new path forward. A different path and a potentially uncomfortable path.

Yes, we could spend our time lamenting on what a shit show it all is…what went wrong, how fucked up things have become and how dismal the future looks…but honestly, I can’t see one single benefit to doing that.

No, I am not all about rainbows and butterflies…and I don’t pretend that these are not real and present in our lives.

Rather, I believe that to address these issues, explore solutions and create a plan for moving forward as a country and world, it is going to require that we all work together.

We must take time to fully understand each issue, not from a place of emotion, but from a place of curiosity and a desire to do the most good; knowing that we will never be able to address or solve every issue to every person’s satisfaction. Life is not always fair.

We must listen to each other and consider every side, every position and every idea…removing judgement, condemnation and reaction until such time when it is warranted, if ever.

We must recognize that until we set our egos aside, set our defenses aside and set our need to be right aside, we will never change things…and don’t fool yourself, there is no one person, no one “party” and no “right” answer, no matter what you think or hear.

I have run out of patience for all who think that it is okay to attack another for their viewpoint.

I am tired of ego driven individuals who are preaching their solution through marginalizing and demeaning those who differ.

I am fed up with any one person, one party, or one affiliation thinking that they alone have the answers.

There is no one person or thing to blame. And if you enjoy the art of blaming, it only suggests to me that you are seeking confidence and a way to make yourself feel significant. Blame has no purpose.

We are the way we are today because of many, many factors…all contributing and all having cumulatively created this “new normal”.

The question is, what do we do about it?

Let’s use the recent refugee situation as an example.

What is the “right” answer?

I believe there is no right answer. How do we balance our humanitarian obligation to take of others while at the same time protect ourselves and ensure the safety of those we love?

I dare you to try and tell me, or anyone, that the answer is simple…because it is not.   In only feels that way because you are afraid. Because you don’t walk in another’s shoes. Because your ego convinces you that your life, your children’s lives, the lives of Americans..are somehow more important than the lives of other human beings.

But, I can assure you, they are not.

We are all scared. We are all in pain. But, when one of us suffers, we all suffer.

And yet, we must take action, we must work towards solutions, and we must do it together.

So, please, I implore you to stop.

Tell your friends, families, colleagues and communities to STOP.

Stop blaming. Stop preaching. Stop insulting, marginalizing and judging.

Instead, be part of the solution. Be curious.

Master the “no sudden movements” model and take time to listen, learn and understand…before speaking, before taking action.

Set a higher standard for yourself and others. The world needs a higher standard.

Do it for you, your children and those that you love. We need you.

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