iwantyoutoknowI am about to get vulnerable with you.

As many of you may know, this year marks ten years since my divorce; and as it happens, this milestone has me reflecting on what the past decade of moving through and forward after my divorce has meant.

This time of reflection has allowed me to process what I have learned over these years about myself, my journey and transition of divorce.  One of the greatest things I have learned is that while this transition was the catalyst for all that I have become, there have been so many other experiences that have also been a part of the journey towards all that I am meant to beand there will be many more in the coming years.

Through serving and supporting you and hundreds of other women who have also experienced divorce, I have discovered what I believe is the greatest epidemic among women today;  I have myself experienced it, and my guess is that you have too.

Women today suffer silently in feeling unfulfilled in their lives. They put their game face on, hide behind a polished exterior and slowly over time find themselves losing sight of who they are.  All of my conversations with you and our amazing community of women suggest that while divorce may or may not have been the solution to their lack of fulfillment, almost all have felt at one point or another, a slow growing disconnect with who they are and juicier, more authentic version of themselves.

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With this realization I found that that my true purpose is to support you and all women to navigate the space between what has always been and what will be; and close the gap that has grown slowly over time.

I have decided to let go of serving only divorcing or divorced women, and honor my desire to teach all women to learn to live with courage, find their truth and embrace what comes nextwhatever that is.

I am both nervous and excited about stepping into this bigger, bolder vision and following my heart; and am excited to share my new information, content and resources with you.

I am hosting a free call next week (actually, I am offering the same call on three different days/times for your convenience!), and I hope you will not only join me to hear more about what I have been creating for you and all women, but that you will share this call with any woman you know who may be struggling behind I’m fine.

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