Change is scary.

And yet change is what creates the only opportunity to get what you really want.

This year I want to hear more about you and what you want.  I want to hear about your challenges, your desires, your fears, your dreams and your realities.  The more you share with me, the more you will be helping me create the content that will give you what you need to navigate this time in your life.  So please help me by answering a few questions on the survey below.  And as a special incentive, I am offering a complimentary 30 minute private strategy coaching session to every person that completes the survey.

So, I want to share something with you.

Not the rhetoric you always hear about taking control of your future and all that awaits you, but what I really see as the best part of the New Year.

What I love best about the New Year is that it is new.  In fact, I have discovered that I actively seek out any opportunity to create new.  Whether it be the New Year, my birthday, the change in season, a holiday, a decision, action or experience, I am always craving an opportunity to begin again.

For a long time I clung to my divorce as my driving motivation for reinvention and renewal.  But as this year marks ten years since my divorce, I am realizing that I am ready to let go of my divorce as the catalyst for reinvention, and embrace that over these ten years and forever more, I don’t need a reason to choose to create my new and next chapter because it is happening all the time.

And, this journey forward moving from what was towards what will be is one that is exciting and frightening at the same time.

On one hand, all of these opportunities offer the chance to begin again; to let go of the old and bring in some new; to renew and refresh.

On the other hand, I have also realized that with this incredible opportunity for new comes  a whole lot of other emotions that can sometimes throw us off balance.  Feelings of fear, anxiety, vulnerability, uncertainty and even loneliness are all common and yet so incredibly uncomfortable.

But, in order to take advantage of these opportunities for new and next chapters,  you  must be willing to begin with letting go; understanding what letting go really feels like in your head and heart.

picLetting go of relationships, experiences and our past choices and decisions isn’t always easy.  For example,  I have finally made the decision to dump all of the cups in my kitchen¦you know the stained, cracked, mismatched drinking glasses that everyone always complains about.  They look awful, dingy, and past their expiration date¦and I have known it for a long time.  So why has it taken me so long to replace them?  Why do I look at them every day, noting just how much they need to be replaced and yet continue to keep them when what I really want is to open the cabinet and see fun and playful cups to grab?

Why? because letting go can be far more challenging than we expect and leaves a gaping hole where what was used to be; space that takes time to fill with beauty, joy, love and the fabulosity that will become  your future.

But if you have any doubt; any doubt at all that what you want is not completely possible, let me assure you, it is not only possible, but waiting for you in the space between what was and what will bethe space right before new and right before next.

So, help me shape what I will be offering this year.

What I am ready to talk about is what’s next , what you are experiencing right now and what will allow you to create juicy and joyful experiences while you move from what was to what will be.

Thank you so much for taking this survey.

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Love You,

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