Happy new year!

And welcome to my new site and this next chapter.

It is a new year, a new time in my life personally and I want to introduce you to this new chapter in my professional life.

From my undergraduate degree to my MBA to my work in non-profit management and beyond, everything I have ever done has led me to what I am ready to share with you.

As I look back I realize that…

When I began my career as a financial analyst for CBS, Inc., it was not because I was meant to work in finance; it was to make sure that I became financially literate.

When completed my MBA in Strategic Planning, it wasn’t that I was going to pursue a career in consulting, it was to master following goals through to their execution, and successful achievement.

When I became a talented nonprofit fundraiser, it wasn’t because I would be doing it for the long haul (although I stayed with it for almost 20 years!), it was to ensure that I was comfortable asking for what I want with clarity, courage and control; especially for something that I believed it. And, it taught me to be of service and make a difference in the lives of others.

When I became a certified life and executive coach, and divorce strategist, it was to support women during a very difficult time in their lives. It wasn’t because I am meant to work in the divorce industry, but rather because I believe in the unlimited potential, and resilience, of women.

When I became the Executive Director of a regional leadership development program it was not because doing so was my destiny, but because I know how powerful, and critical leadership is to everything we do and every role we hold.

Every program I have participated in, every certification I have accomplished, every client I have worked with, every curriculum I have created and delivered, and every seminar, workshop and audience I have addressed, has happened because of what I am meant to do from this moment on.

I am a teacher, trainer, and developer of women as leaders in life, love and career.

I am so excited to share my new website, programs and services with you; stepping fully into what I know I have been put here to do feels amazing and I can’t wait to get going.

Whether you are working or not, an entrepreneur or corporate executive, or moving along at any age and stage, I know that you care about how you show up in your life.

I also know that you are committed to being a leader in your role as a mother, partner, friend, daughter, professional, activist and philanthropist….you are committed to leading by example.

I feel the same way; and I have devoted my life to mastering what I call authentic, fierce and feminine leadership.

So, I welcome you.

I welcome you to the year of radical leadership transformation…and becoming the woman you are meant to be.

Please take time to visit my new website and sign up for your complimentary report, The Women’s Leadership Guide for Extraordinary Performance.

Over the next few weeks I hope you will journey with me and enjoy:

  • my column for the Daily Worth
  • my NEW online program (details and informational webinar coming soon!!)
  • exciting new ways to work with me
  • special programs and events

I will continue to work with you, and all individuals, on creating extraordinary performance in your life and career, but I have expanded my work to include companies, teams and other high performing groups.

I am dedicated to personal growth and extraordinary performance, and have been living it for the duration of my life. My goal is to support and inspire individual and organizational effectiveness, ignite team innovation, collaboration, and productivity, and align the personal and professional success of everyone I mentor.

This is going to be an extraordinary year for all of us…and I am grateful to share the journey with you!

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