Here we are!  It is 2014 and already the New Year is a powerful current pulling me forward, can you feel it?

So what is it that you really want this year?


Is it new, delicious, sensual and crazy love?

Is it financial freedom and dare I say, abundance?

Is it to be surrounded by awesome, badass girlfriends?

Is it to live a life with less fear and more courage?

Or is it to once and for all ask for and go after what you really want?

What is it?  Go aheadjust say it!  In factdon’t just say it; the time has come to do it.

I know you may be sad, scared, overwhelmed, anxious, skeptical, angry or even lonely;  but it is time to stop using these as your excuse for living your life. 

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of my divorce. Ten years?!!!!  It feels a lifetime ago.  But at the same time, as I reflect on the past decade, I realize that the road to my new life has been paved with all of these emotions, and more….and usually when I least expect it.

I have also learned that it is oh so easy to drift back to our comfort zoneto the safety of bad habits, bad relationships and people & experiences that only keep us stuck where we are, instead of where we are meant to go.

Moving through loss, letting go and creating your next chapter is going to feel cold, dark and lonely; and there is no escape other than moving forward.  In fact, if you are feeling cold, dark and lonely, take comfort in the knowledge that you are walking in the space between what was and what will be.

And what will be; a full, rich, colorful, giddy, love-filled, joyous life, is out there waiting for you.

Now it the time to dream about it, allow it, and give it your time, attention + energy.  It won’t happen on its own, it is up to you to say what you want and take action to make it happen.

I have designed a special, private New Year program to help you set what will be in motion and live your first 100 days of 2014 with daily, inspired actioncheck it out:

Reclaim YOUR New Year: 100 Days of Inspired Action

I hope you will allow me the privilege of supporting you in the creation of your next (but not final) chapter.

This is your year.

It is your time to finally face what is holding you back, keeping you stuck and preventing you from living the life that is waiting for you.

Happy new year beautiful!


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