Have you forgotten about the “F” word? 

Going through change and transition requires a tremendous amount of hard work, focus, energy and emotional resources.  Many times we feel that our tank is on empty and that we are exhausted, run down and overwhelmed with how much there is to do and how little energy we have to do it

Think of Fun as your Fuel!  You must have fun in order to keep your tank full of the energy and resources that you will need to move forward and make good and healthy choices.

So, consider this your summer class, Fun 101!

Perhaps it’s been a while since you have had any? 

Perhaps you just seem to have forgotten what it is?

Perhaps you feel like you will never have it again?


Let me introduce you to FUN and how important it is in your life.

I have already mentioned that it will be the FUEL that keeps you going. I am completely serious about this. Without the time for fun and laughter, you will not be able to move forward and create the life that you want. It’s that simple. It is not optional…you do not have choice.

You wouldn’t let your car run out of gas, you can’t let your tank fall below empty.  If you do,  you run the risk of being mediocre as a professional, as a partner, as a parent, as a friend, and in all other areas of your life.

Like eating and sleeping, fun has got to become a part of your schedule and your life.

The following is your homework for the next week…please make sure to turn it in to me by next Friday!

1.  What does fun mean to you?

Create a long list of all the activities that you find fun.  Include anything that makes you feel happy, joyous or fulfilled.  Make sure that your list contains things that are physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, recreational…anything that you love to do.  Even if you haven’t done them in a long time, put them on your list.

2.  What excuses do you make to avoid having fun?

We all make excuses for not doing those things that are most fun for us.  Usually our list includes:

                   · I don’t have time.

                   · I don’t have the money.

                   · I shouldn’t be doing this because its not a priority.

                   · I need to be with my kids.

                   · I can’t do this, it is selfish.

Sound familiar?  Make your list, the rest will work itself out!