Fierce and feminine.

As I begin to prepare for the launch of my new Fierce & Feminine Resilience, Leadership and Success model, I have been thinking a lot about what that means.

And of course, you all know that I am your #rawandreal girl, teacher and speaker of truth, unapologetically and often when my voice shakes. As I walk my own talk, and discover the incredible freedom and liberation that comes from using what I have identified as our  Ten Power Principles, I am witnessing women all over who, in many varied ways, exhibit what fierce and feminine means to me.

I thought that over the next couple of weeks, I would share a few women who to me, are fierce and feminine. Some are real women, some are fiction. Some I know, and some I don’t; and yet they all resonate with me and I feel compelled to share them with you.

We have never met this woman, and were it not for the terribly unfortunate Baltimore riots this week, we may never have had an opportunity to notice her at all.

Some are calling her “mom of the year”…others are challenging her use of physicality.  I was deeply moved by her fearless and untamed love for her child.


I haven’t been able to get her off my mind.

{NOTE: I, in no way, condone hitting as a parenting tool or strategy. This post is not a debate about her choice to slap her son as part of her parenting.}

In the midst of emotional, physical and racial tension and chaos, this mother’s…this woman’s fierce and feminine power and resilience took over. In her beautiful yellow outfit and matching accessories, she watched as her community, her city, became the scene of horrific and frightening rioting; and yet through the sea of young people, she was able to identify her son, despite him being covered head to toe in black clothes to disguise his identity.

Without fear, shame, or doubt, she marched headstrong to him, pulling him by his arm, head and ear, and slapping him all the way, until he was removed from the scene.

Despite her chosen reaction, the brazen courage and fierce commitment to communicating her values to her son, and her raw efforts to remove her child from participating in a situation which was not healthy for him in any way, is what fierce and feminine resilience and leadership is to me.

She desperately wants more for her son.

She honored her truth and her values despite adversity and chaos all around.

She was unapologetic in her determination.

And despite her choice in parenting style (which can be discussed at great length), I believe she expressed the most fierce love she could for her son. She stopped at nothing to lead him to safety…by stepping into a dangerous situation herself, to protect and save her own child from death or incarceration.

Fierce and feminine.

While in no way a perfect example (I don’t believe in the word “perfect” anyway), I applaud the courage and tenacity of this woman to do right as a mother under the most difficult of situations.

What do you think? I want to know your thoughts as a woman and mother.


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