So, now that we have established that the journey of divorce is riddled with feelings of isolation, fear, and overwhelm…what can be done about it?

The first thing, as I have shared already, is to fully understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. While it may at times feel that way, it is certainly NOT!

Here are a few ways to address the most common feelings you may have as you move through this process!



The feeling of isolation during the journey of divorce can often be paralyzing. Whether in a happy and fulfilling marriage or not, the comfort of sharing a home with someone else fills an emptiness that once divorced, can become lonliness.

Your friends may change, your job may change, you may no longer have your children with you every day and night of the week. Those meals, nights and weekends without a companion or your children, can feel long and lonely.

What is most important is to find comfort in your new life alone and in becoming comfortable in your own space and skin. Easier said than done? Perhaps. But shifting your mindset is the first step.

You now have time to focus on your interests, hobbies, self care, friendships and that oh so scary thing called dating!

Learning to be alone can seem daunting, but give yourself a chance.

Take a walk in a park, by the ocean, around your neighborhood…alone.
Create a sexy, sensual night…with yourself!
Seek out a restaurant that has live music or jazz.



As I just mentioned, fear can often paralyze us.

The fear of the unknown is what is most scary to us. But what I can tell you is that what you fear the most is far worse than the worst possible outcome if you fought through it.

If you are afraid to address any challenge you are facing, ask yourself to make a commitment to face the fear and do it anyway.

You will begin the cycle of stepping into your power as a woman, feeling the joy of honoring a commitment and the motivation and inspiration that results!

This cycle is what creates your momentum forward and will get you where you want to be!



Overwhelm comes in many forms and can again, paralyze you from moving forward.

To begin to address your overwhelm, you will need to know where it is coming from.

The following three steps will help you to begin to identify the sources of your greatest overwhelm and start your movement forward.

Step one:
Make a list of all of the areas of your life that are causing you overwhelm. For example finances, children, job….

Step Two:
Within each area, create a list of exactly what two items are causing the greatest amount of anxiety. Be specific and detailed.

For example, not knowing your monthly budget and not balancing your checkbook thereby ignoring your financial reality….

Step Three:
Identify TWO actions you can take TODAY to address each of the items in your lists. And, put next to each action the date by which you will TAKE that action. In other words, your COMMITMENT to them.

I hope that this begins to help you understand what you are going through, the fact that you are NOT alone and what you can do to begin the process of taking action and making things happen!

If you need any additional guidance and support, don’t forget that every initial consultation with me is NO COST to you! My goal is to help you to begin your new life!

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