Our bodies, Our selves!

We have heard that before!! But, do we really live it every day?

I would bet that since you have been going through the transition of separation or divorce, you have been overwhelmed with all that is going on in your life and either you have rationalized letting go of your commitment to your body because you:

  • Have decided that there are other things that are more of a priority
  • been attracted to “comfort food”…you know, pizza, pasta, ice cream…
  • lost all of your motivation
  • figured it is too much time and energy that you don’t have

Well, I am here to tell you that it is time to take back your body…from the inside out.

I am also going to share with you a good friend and colleague and an expert in this very field!

Her name is Wendy Battles and her business is called Healthy Endeavors! You can find out about Wendy and her fabulous list of classes and programs at www.dontworrygethealthy.com including getting her free offering, 10 Tips to Improve Your Health Today.

After spending years as an “over-commitment” junkie, Wendy has figured out an approach to life that’s fun, balanced, fulfilling, and most importantly, healthy. Wendy studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with such experts as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weill, and is certified as a Holistic Health Counselor. As owner of Healthy Endeavors, and the Don’t Worry, Get Healthy System, she coaches busy women who struggle with “over-commitment” issues, too much stress and less than desirable eating habits, and who would like simple solutions for healthy living (i.e., how to plan simple, healthy and delicious meals, creating systems to maintain consistent healthy eating week after week, making permanent lifestyle changes, not going on a diet).

In Wendy’s own words, here are some of the things that she has learned along the way:

  • Life should be fun and joyful, not feel like drudgery!
  • The challenges you face along the way make you stronger and are full of opportunity
  • Getting healthy and finding what works for you is like doing a puzzle. Not all the pieces fit together right away, you have to work at it a bit to figure it out
  • Being and feeling your best supports you in all you want to do and achieve in your life
  • Getting and staying healthy is all about your mindset. If you can see the possibility for it and believe in it, you can make it happen

Here’s what Wendy says about our bodies and ourselves:

I’m a firm believer that getting and staying healthy is about getting to know and love ourselves and our bodies, all the while getting in a rhythm of positive self talk. This is all the more important when we’re going through a transition in our life like separation or divorce when it’s easy to feel bad about ourselves and the circumstances we’re in – it’s my fault, if only I had done something differently, what if I hadn’t said x?

Truth be told, most of us are experts at negative self-talk. And when we’re moving in that more negative direction (which can creep up on us in a subtle way), regardless of what may have precipitated it, we spend less time taking care of ourselves – we feel less motivated, lack energy, don’t care about our bodies, etc. It easily translates into going to the gym less often, increasingly eating less vegetables, more chips and gaining weight.

But this is just the time when we need to slow down, tune in and listen to what our bodies are telling us, and help turn that negative self-talk around before it takes a hold. But how can we actually turn things around when we’re in the middle of a downward spiral?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Have a support team at the ready. Who are the people in your life that support you without fail and are always inspiring and motivating? Identify 2-3 “go-to” people that you can call anytime who can help you get back on track
  2. Always keep healthy food around. And I don’t just mean fresh fruits and vegetables (because when we’re in a downward spiral we tend to lose motivation to prepare them and they go bad) but also healthy frozen food that we can easily access and prepare but that beats several nights of chips and salsa or a bowl of cereal
  3. Take a yoga or tai chi class. Something as simple as a class that slows our mind, tunes us into our breathing and gets us out of our head can help change our mindset