Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can and want to do today…because you never know what tomorrow may bring.


A week ago a friend of mine from high school died suddenly.

He died while running, a freak, heart related incident. It was a complete shock, not only because we are not yet even 50 but because he was one of the most healthy and fit people I know.

Vic was a remarkable man.

He was the little boy who wanted to be an astronaut and actually grew up to do just that. He set his intention and ended up at NASA….and none of us were surprised. Vic was just like that.

He had an infectious personality and a gift for making people feel good. And above all else, he loved to laugh…not only make others laugh, but to enjoy each and every minute of his life full on and full out. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do or try, especially in the name of having a good time.

Vic never married and had no children, so he had the freedom to travel the country, personally and professionally, and everywhere he went he actively sought out high school classmates so that he could reconnect with them and enjoy their lives and families. Through his facebook postings of these many travels and reunions, I was able to reconnect with friends I had not seen in years.

In many ways Vic was the glue that held our high school family together.

In two weeks I will be attending my 30th high school reunion.

30 years!!!

I have been looking forward to this special event for almost a year now, in fact many of us have been so excited to get together that we did a pre-reunion, reunion pool party this past summer. Vic was there playful and fun as usual. We had a fabulous time and he kept us all entertained with his joyous personality and hysterical wit.

I am still looking forward to the reunion, but it will not be the same without him there…the loss of this bright star will still be raw and real.

Vic lived every day as if it were his last…he truly got it.

I have been pre-occupied thinking about Vic and the way he lived his life all week.

Hundreds of pictures of Vic having fun with friends around the globe have been posted since last week…he looks happy, elated and celebratory in every one. And it led me to ask myself this question:

Am I living life full on and full out, giving and receiving joy and having fun to the best of my ability every day?

Yeah, I know that life is not all about rainbows and butterflies, and that Vic’s life was not a “happy-fest” every day, but he lived in the present.

And yes, I know he was single without children and so it will be easy to say that he had the time and freedom to go out and spread joy more easily than many of us.

But that would be a justification…an excuse.

The truth is that Vic was just like this…always.

He set his intentions and went out and manifested them.

He sought out fun.

He looked for joy.

He took pleasure in making others happy and did whatever he could to make that happen.

He made time for what mattered most.

He never put off till tomorrow what could be done today.

I always enjoyed Vic, and while we were not super close friends, we had a connection made even stronger by facebook and his desire to share his life so visibly.

It is unfortunate that now, as I mourn his death, I find myself powerfully moved to transformation by him. He has taught me something in his absence that is going to change my life, and I wish I could tell him so.

So, in memory of my wonderful high school friend Vic, please take time to live your own life full on and full out…because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Tell them that you love them.

Put on that silly outfit.

Laugh until you snort.

Go visit him…or her.

Pick up the phone if it has been a while.

Do it.

Say it.

Mean it.

Don’t wait.  Do it now…in memory of Vic.

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