This is my favorite time of the year.

It isn’t just that it is the perfect temperature for me, but it is the smell of the clean, crisp air, the beauty of the leaves beginning to turn, and the energy of creation that all come together in the most amazing way.

I recently spent the weekend at Canyon Ranch leading workshops on creating new and next chapters, navigating transitions, and embracing life lessons as opportunities for setting new standards.  It was a remarkable weekend with an even more remarkable group of women; and in all three workshops, we got to talking about the fall as the backdrop for creating space for possibility in our lives.

Autumn is a special time and it brings with it tremendous opportunity.

It is a time of reflection, intention and preparation; it is the transition from the fiery energy of summer to the hibernating calm of winter.

If you choose to use it wisely, you can harness this special time to propel yourself forward personally and professionally.

I have found that there are five ways to activate the power of the fall and use it create the life, love and career you desire.

  • Setting Intentions –

The fall is a time to look forward and prepare for the coming of winter.  Watch as squirrels go into strategic action collecting and storing nuts and acorns for the long, cold winter.  Just as they have a reliable plan for preparing for the season to come, so must we.  This beautiful time of the year is our invitation to set our own intentions and create a strategy for the road ahead.  Not only are we securing ourselves for winter, but we are called forth to set a strong foundation for the coming year.


  • Reflection –  

Autumn is also a time for reflection and renewal.  We are offered a spectacular backdrop from which we can take time to reflect on ourselves and others.  We begin to look back at the year that will soon come to an end, and explore with a gentle curiosity how things have gone.  With the summer energy released, it is now a time for getting quiet and introspective.  What has worked, and what hasn’t.  What will we need for the road ahead, and what no longer serves us.  What might we need to do to strengthen the foundation of our lives, relationships and career.  It is important to accept the invitation from fall to reflect, assess and plan for the next season that will be.


  • Letting go –

Everything about fall reminds us of impermanence, and that life is a series of transformations.  As the leaves turn to beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow, they become ready to be shed from their glorious host trees.  As the leaves no longer serve the next phase of the tree’s journey, they are gently and gracefully let go.  The magnificence of the fall foliage experience is our cue to let go and release those things in our lives that no longer serve us. Whether it is an experience, relationship, commitment, job or habit, autumn is an opportunity to gently and safely release all that holds us back from what comes next.


  • Calming  –

Just as spring and summer energy builds, fall and winter energy calms.  It is during this time of the year that we settle, regroup and slow ourselves down; we accept the gift of soulfulness, mindfulness and inner exploration.   This new energy is a good time to open yourself up to new experiences; yoga, meditation, reading and increasing your time in nature.  Be aware of your breath and the energy that you feel; allow yourself to step outside of what has been and into what might be.


  • Balance –

Autumn is a time of balance.  It is the balance between light and dark…between the masculine and feminine.  The Autumn Equinox marks the second time of the year when day and night are of equal length, and yet different to the spring, this balance reflects the year waning.  Days become shorter and nights longer; slowly settling into the rhythm of the slowing down. This is a time when the masculine and feminine are balanced, and we find ourselves seeking the energy of the other.  Autumn welcomes us to play with our partners, together preparing to settle in for the winter.

Rather than resist the pull of winter, enjoy the power of this magnificent season and move gracefully and intentionally towards the stillness it brings with it.  I hope you will join me in activating these five opportunities and use them to create a powerful foundation from which you will enter the new year.

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