What an AWESOME week!

On October 4 I had the privilege and pleasure to be a presenter at a fabulous event called Convention Eleven: An Empowerment Conference for Women! It was an entire day devoted to women, empowerment and reclaiming our power!  My workshop was on Falling in Love with you and Your Life and we had a blast!

I hadn’t intended it but midway through the workshop, we got focused on what gives us our swagger.

For those of you who don’t know, swagger is defined by Urban Dictionary as how one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown by how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person’s walk. Essentially, it is slang for MOJO and the way in which we put ourselves out there.

During our time together we explored what swagger is to us. For some it was wearing high heals, for others it was fabulous new lipstick. For some it wasn’t physical appearance related at all, it was the completion of a project or overcoming a challenge.  We looked back in our lives to a time when we felt that the world was ours to own¦a time when endless opportunity and possibilities lay in front of us and we knew deep in our hearts that we could accomplish anything. And then, we took careful note of what we did back then; what we wore, how we spent our time, what thoughts ran through our minds and the way we presented ourselves to the world.

Together we reminisced, we giggled and we reclaimed our SWAGGER!

It got me thinking about the D Spot, and why I have chosen to do what I do. Listening to the women as they shared what made them feel good, confident and sexy, I was reminded of exactly why I created the D Spot. And today I want to share that with you!

Do you know where your D Spot is? Better yet, do you even know what the D Spot is?

When I first began my business, I defined the D Spot as the point at which divorce ends and your destiny begins.

Awesome, right? I love this definition and all of the principles I speak, teach and write about, as well as coach clients with, are built on its foundation.

However, I have recently begun to add-on to this definition as I don’t feel that it speaks strongly enough to the beauty, excitement and seduction of the journey during and after divorce.

As I move along my own journey through and after divorce, I am reminded all the time that the D Spot is far more than that. The D Spot is really about creating a sexy, juicy life as you move forward after divorce.

It is the spot within you that may have lay dormant during your marriage and even immediately following, and is now ready to reclaim its position in your life.

The D Spot is the place within you that you sometimes pretend isn’t there. That piece of you that wants to do, be and experience things that you tell yourself you don’t deserve, and can’t have. It is also the piece of you that knows what you really want¦and that you CAN have it all.

As you move through and after divorce, you will find yourself on a journey to discover your D Spot. The authenticity of who you are¦the reality of what you want. This is at the core of what your new life will look like and will become the foundation on which it is built. It is the force within you that wants to play, touch, feel and experience uninhibited joy, desire and fulfillment.

It is possible that along this journey you will feel the greatest discomfort. However, with this discomfort will come your greatest growth.

The key is to focus your attention and energy on what will be instead of what was. Take a few minutes to reflect on who you really are at your core…who you know you are meant to be! To all of the things that make you feel good, that make you giggle, that make you feel sexy, silly and strong.

You are meant to and CAN live a happy, healthy, juicy, sexy, vibrant, exciting, passionate, meaningful, curious and colorful life!

So, let me ask again¦do you know where your D Spot is? What would it mean if you found it?!


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