Whether you are thinking about, just beginning, in the process of or moving forward after divorce, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Having been through my own divorce, I understand what you are experiencing; and how complicated, uncertain and overwhelming it can be.  I also know just how much courage and strength it takes to move through this transition and begin to create a new and next chapter.

You may not see it now, but you will get there, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Divorce Coaching and Strategy

The fastest way to get what you want is to let go of what you don’t.


It sounds so simple and yet, the reality is that change is uncomfortable and frightening. This is the beginning of a personal journey to create your new and next chapter. It won’t necessarily be easy, but if you are willing to do the hard work of growing through it, stepping outside of your comfort zone and committing to take bold and powerful action to move forward, you will design a life you love.

Who are you?
You are women at any stage of divorce…you are searching for your path, exploring ways to regain control and are ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want.  
What you might be facing?
You are experiencing all kinds of emotions and although you aren’t sure what your next chapter will look like, the desire to reconnect with who you are is strong. Discovering your true self, finding meaning, purpose, and direction, new social and support circles, re-acquainting yourself with your interests and passions, and assessing where you are and what you need are most important. You are or will be re-discovering your sexuality; dating and flirting again.

You know it may not be easy, but you are ready.

What comes next?
You dream of being self-sustaining and independent; and finding a new place of joy and contentment in your life. You seek new possibilities, whether it is a new place to live, a change in career, continuing your education or reigniting your passions. You want to feel good about your decisions and where you are going, and excited about what the future holds.
Wherever you are in your journey, together we will navigate the waters of this transition and inspire your journey to a new life.

Take a deep breath; this is just the beginning, not an ending.

Photo: My original book The Ultimate Divorce Organizer: The Complete Interactive Guide to Achieving the Best Legal, Financial, and Personal Divorce – As seen on the HBO Original Series “Divorce”

Newly Released

Managing your emotional journey through a divorce will have the greatest impact on the legal and financial outcome of your divorce.
Every decision you make during this time will affect the rest of your life, so gathering information is critical.
It is most important to know and believe that there will be a new and wonderful life after divorce.
Creating a peaceful and amicable divorce is a conscious choice and that there are many experts and professionals available to support you in this decision.
Rushing to “get it over” is the worst choice that can be made during the divorce process.


Karen K.

I was foolish, incapable of true transformation and destined to be alone with my regret.

I then read something that Laura had written and posted on facebook, entitled, “Breaking Up with Mediocrity.”  I felt a surge of recognition and excitement — someone else felt the way I do! I’m not crazy! I knew I had to talk to her.  I knew she would understand.

Robin R.

Today I feel like a walnut that just got cracked open!! Yay!!!

Sue D.

Laura is a wonderful listener and a gentle guide. She is able to “see” exactly where I am and to provide me with the comfort and knowledge I need at that moment.

Julie B.

I have had 3 coaches in my life and I can honestly say that Laura Campbell is by far the best I’ve ever experienced.

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