Dear powerful woman doing it all,

What are you doing?

Better yet, why are you doing it?

Who told you that there is valor in working yourself to exhaustion? Who defined what “success” means to you? Do you even know?

You don’t have to do this. In fact, there is no prize for “doing it all”. Seriously, there really isn’t.

There is no red carpet.

No big award.

No adoring fans.

No big payoff.

And you certainly don’t earn extra “points”.

I know, I know…you “like” it this way, right? You enjoy being “really busy”. I get it, I was once like that too. But darling, being busy isn’t living.

It really isn’t.



Let me ask you this.

When is the last time you took a long walk with your lover (or husband) and laughed until you pee’d a little?

When is the last time you said “no” when asked to sit on one more committee or to help out with one more project?

When is the last time you left your kids and family for an entire girl’s weekend away?

When is the last time you spent the afternoon making sweet, sexy love with your husband, partner or a hot date?

When is the last time that you put your feet up and did absolutely nothing at all but read a magazine, a good book or just simply shut your eyes and doze off?

Why not?

I know you are an amazing mother and that your kids are “your everything”.

I know you have a powerful job and that you can’t just “step away that easily”.

I know your business is your passion and you can’t miss one special entrepreneurial opportunity for connection and collaboration.

I know you have a very “busy” schedule.

I know.

I also know that there are groceries to buy, meals to cook, fundraisers to attend, events to be at, laundry to fold, and lots of “things to do” that make it really difficult for you to do what really feels good.

To do what feels really, really good to you.

Not what you think looks good on facebook, to the other moms, to the community, to your boss, your boyfriend, your husband or even your kids…but what feels really good TO YOU!

So, I am going to call bullshit on it. I am calling bullshit on the story you keep telling yourself and everyone around you who will listen.

You know why?

Because it isn’t serving you.

And not only isn’t it serving you, but it isn’t helping your marriage or relationship, it isn’t making you a better, more effective or loved mother, it isn’t allowing your friendships to thrive, and it isn’t necessarily going to get you promoted or earn you a greater income. In fact it is quite possibly holding you back from it.

The truth is, it is slowly causing you to lose sight of who you are what you really want.

You. Yes, you gorgeous woman doing it all.

In attempting to do it all, you are disconnecting from your deepest, truest feminine, and it is costing you the chemistry and attraction you have with your partner and the ability to create and sustain the love and relationship you desire.

You are wearing yourself down physically, emotionally and spiritually; and with every age and stage of your life, these will be more difficult to reclaim.

I know that you have been convincing yourself that you are doing what you are “supposed” to do and that when you get “there” (wherever “there” is), that things will change. But where is “there” and when will you know you have gotten there?

Is it when you have a specific amount of money in the bank?

Is it when your kids get to a certain age?

It is when you get divorced?

Is it when summer arrives, next year rolls around or after this weekend?

Beautiful woman doing it all, please don’t wait.

Don’t wait until something tragic, unforeseen or unanticipated happens to jolt you in to a life you love.

Your life…our lives, are too precious.

You are deserving of everything you want, and you can have it. You just need to decide to live your life on your terms, not someone else’s. And it is time to stop making excuses…to stop telling yourself that things are “fine” the way they are.

It is time to get raw and real girls…it’s time to get what you really want.

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