Aaaahh, that beautiful thing called “spring cleaning”! One of my favorite times of the year!

The opportunity to freshen up the house, the flower beds, the closets….all of the things that have lay dormant over the winter months!

It can feel daunting to see the dust, the clutter the papers…all piled up and yearning to be set free! So, what are waiting for! Set them free!!!

pile of stuff to donate or throw away

And by free, I mean “goodbye”! Donate stuff, throw away stuff, give stuff to friends….just GET RID OF IT!

I may sound a little sarcastic and humorous, but I am actually quite serious.

We often underestimate how much we are held back by clinging to things that:

• no longer serve us
• we no longer need
• we are afraid of getting rid of

One of the greatest things I have discovered is how easy it is to clean out once you commit to it!

Here are my few tips on de-cluttering yourself this spring:

1. Get others involved!

If you are having trouble getting started and finding the time, invite a friend or two over to help for one or two hours! I had my mother and best friend over this past weekend so that I would make sure I was home and digging into the project! Not only did I get a lot done, but we had a great time as well!

2. Label, Label, Label

Do you have post-it notes? Take your post it notes and walk all over your house and label those things that need to go! This way, you can decide are they to donate, throw away, or give to someone who needs them? This will begin to organize your “stuff” as you move it on out!

3. Boxes

You will need boxes to begin the process! Stop off at the supermarket, pharmacy or any other big business and ask if you can take some of their boxes off of their hands! They will be happy to give them to you and you will be delighted to have FREE boxes for the project!

4. Dumpster

Getting a dumpster to your home for a week or two is magical! I know, I know…pathetic that I could be raving about a dumpster, however it’s true! When you are ready to begin the project, call one of the many Trash Collection companies and have a dumpster delivered to your home. It is only a couple of hundred dollars and you can put ANYTHING in it! When they do come and take it away, you will feel your overwhelm leave with it!

5. Patience!

Given jobs, kids, schedules….it may take a couple of weekends to complete this project! DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! Each step you take gets you one step closer to de-cluttering! I promise that when you complete the job…you will immediately sense the opportunity and possibility that the new physical and emotional space creates!

Have a great time!

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