What matters most!

What an interesting question. For me, it is whatever I am focused on at that very moment.

What I realized this past week is that what matters most to me are my children, my family my close friends and you, the women that I serve. Why, you ask?

Well, because in the end, it is the legacy of today that matters.

For me, my legacy is the kind of mother I am to my children and what difference I make in the lives of others.

I have two boys ages 11 and 14. When I was playing with my kids this week over vacation, laying in bed reading with them, getting a snuggle in the morning when they woke up, eating meals together, talking…I realized just how much I was giving to them while doing nothing but loving them, what matters most.

So often, when we get divorced, we begin to focus on the divorce more and more as time moves forward.

We think more and more about:

· the unfairness and inequity of it all
· the horrible “ex” that we have
· the deal that we are negotiating
· how we are going to “show him”
· and other types of negative things.

What happens when we shift our focus to these things is a detachment from what matters most to what upsets us most.

Not only are thoughts energy, but these increased types of thoughts begin to attract that negative energy.

one step at a time

Our children begin to feel that.
Our friends and relationships can feel that.
Our families can feel that.
Our colleagues can feel that.

The challenge is to maintain a focus on what DOES matter most which usually makes us smile, happy and inspired. When these are your thoughts, that is exactly what you will attract and when the good stuff will begin to happen!

If you are among the many who have lost your focus on what matters most, let me help you!

The following are a bunch of questions designed to help you begin to explore this idea and bring you back to what’s most important!


The most important thing in the world to me is:

I feel important when:

What is fun to you?

What is essential to you?

What do you need?

What can’t you live without?

What makes life worth living? Why do you get up in the morning?

I hope you have enjoyed this exercise and that you will make sure to take the time enjoy and indulge in what matters most to you!

I would be happy to indulge you in a ½ hour strategy coaching session to guide you through this exercise, simply email me at laura@lauracampbellcompanies.com and we can set up the time!


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