Deliriously alive

Fiercely free

Deeply connected

Divinely open

Infinitely abundant

These are my Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s).

They are the way that I want to feel in my life, love and business.  They are what I crave most.

There was a time in my life when I had everything I ever thought I wanted.  And yet, with everything I had, I was unable to feel the way I secretly (and silently) hoped that I would.

I had money and affluence.

A great (and quite large) house.

The ability to choose whether to work…or not.

Two beautiful children (I still have them… ☺).

And a lot of stuff…

All this and still no soul joy; no deep, burning ember of desire.

While I didn’t know it then (or more accurately, my knowing was held tightly deep within and covered by layers of fear and overwhelm), I needed a compass.  A way to light my path forward… a bright north star to guide me when I fell off track.

It wasn’t until I found Danielle Laporte and her incredible Desire Map process that discovered a new way to live; desire mapping was just the roadmap I needed.

The desire mapping process allows you to design your life around the way you want to feel…around the truth of your desires.

No more resolutions.

No more unfulfilled goals.

It uses your core desired feelings as the force to drive the choices you make, words you speak and actions you take.

My CDF’s are my compass.

They translate what I want into words that guide my path forward.   They have led me to everything I desire…and they will continue to do so.

And while they have changed and evolved over the years, as I have, they remain the steadfast roots that keep me grounded in what matters most.

In a world of immediate gratification, endless opportunities for comparison and relentless distractions, these are the words that anchor me to the truth of what I really want.

They are written in my planner and everywhere else I will see them.

I speak them out loud each and every morning.

I check in with them before I act, as I contemplate new opportunities and when making tough decisions.

There was a time that my goals were defined by a bank statement, the labels on my clothes and shoes, the car I drove and the size of my home.  And while there is and was an element of all of these that inspire me, I learned quickly that my fulfillment and satiation in life and love would come from something entirely different.

I barely remember a time when everything I had accumulated and every goal I had created were about chasing a feeling; and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t quite seem to find it.  That is when it became abundantly clear…

Goals without soul and accumulation without desire will never lead to how you really want to feel. {tweet this}

There is a moment in our lives when we wake up to what we really want; and as I have learned, this moment is too often accompanied by a life changing experience:

It may be when the love you once trusted slowly fades away;

The body in which you live faces the fight of its life;

The security on which you have always depended crumbles beneath your feet;

Or the future that you imagined is turned upside down.

These are the moments that shake us to the core; they are experiences that force us to re-evaluate what matters most.

They are frequently times of great loss, pain and uncertainty, but are also time of great opportunity and possibility; allowing us to deliberately choose what happens next.

I want to share this process with you.  

As a licensed facilitator of the desire mapping process, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to join me for a free call where I will share how this process can be used to set you on a course to get what you want in 2015.  

Click here for your invitation to this FREE call!

Let’s do it darling!!


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