On the call with Jessica, she shared one of the things that she did to begin the process of Getting Out into the world again during and after her divorce.

into the world

She made a commitment to herself that anything she put into her calendar, she would honor. So, if she put a networking event into a Thursday evening, no matter what she felt like when the time came…tired, sad, generally not in the mood…she would honor the commitment.

I was so taken by this because I do just the same thing!

She told us that she would act AS IF she were in the mood and completely happy and ready to be there. And before she knew it…she was having a wonderful time and a new experience!

I absolutely loved that!

I have studied the concept of “as if” for a while now…knowing that if you act “AS IF”, then you, your mind, body and soul…will soon follow!

So, for the past few days, I have been thinking about this and how I might be able to apply it more frequently and effectively to my life.

Here are the “as if’s” that I would like to play out more in my own life:

As If…I have everything I could ever want in my life!

As If…I am the most beautiful woman in the world!

As If…I will make a difference in the life of everyone that crosses my path.

As If…every day with my children is the best day of our lives.

This simple form of “pretending” can sometimes be the very thing that helps us to move forward and not get pulled into the negative spiral that will eventually paralyze us.

So…what are the “As If’s” you are going to focus on?

Give it a try…its truly miraculous!

LIVE well
LAUGH often
LOVE much

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