Happy new year!!

I hope you had a lovely holiday season and have moved into the new year filled with a sense of excitement, hope and commitment to making this your best year yet!

I am always amazed at the incredible excitement and motivation that people feel entering the new year and the desire to make major changes to their lives.  I am also amazed when this commitment to change and transformation fails to translate into action.

Why is that?

I started my business about two years after my divorce when I decided that it was time to stop talking and start taking action.  I had been in therapy for years by the time I got divorced,  with two appointments a week; one with my husband at the time and one alone.  Therapy was extremely valuable for both of us.

I continued my own therapy for almost a year after we divorced until I reached a moment that I felt done with talking.  I had reflected, explored and analyzed my past choices and now felt ready to take action towards what I really wanted.  I, too, was inspired and committed to change, but recognized that creating change was going to take a lot of work.  I was not going to be able to do it alone.

Recently, one of the amazing women in our D Spot community sent me an email.  She said that she had been reading my emails for years and had just come to the decision that it was time to take action rather than continuing to stay in exactly the same place that she has been in.  I smiled when I listened to her talk, because I had just started writing this note to you and she exemplified exactly what I am talking about.

She is now participating in my What to Expect When You Are Divorcing program so that she can take consistent and massive action towards creating what comes next.  I applaud her courage and commitment!!

So, as we enter 2012, are you simply committed to change or are you prepared to take action?!

Along my own journey I have used every possible resource and tool to support me.  I have my own coach to help me see my big vision, opportunities and possibilities, I set clear goals that reflect the life I truly desire, I take action every day towards achieving those goals, and I embrace a life practice of personal growth so that all of the areas of my life are in a state of constant and never ending improvement!

I have found that the more I invest in myself, and becoming the woman I am meant to be, the richer, fuller and more extraordinary my life and my relationships become.

As we stand at the beginning of a new  year, join me in not only looking forward with great hope and inspiration, but with a plan for action.  Click here and you will find a number of opportunities to do just that.  Whether it is participating in a live event, joining the next free teleclass or taking the bold step of giving yourself the gift of personal coaching, this investment in YOU will result in benefits you can’t even imagine!

I know that there are many of you who are coming out of and regrouping after being in an unhealthy or abusive relationship or marriage, and have found that moving on is not as easy as some would suggest.   Recently I connected with a wonderful woman,  Annie Kaszina, whose work specializes in abuse recovery.  We immediately connected and I asked her if she would share some of her expertise with us.   I am delighted that she wrote a special article for us which I will be posting later this week, so keep your eyes open!

Welcome to 2012¦I know that it is going to be your best year yet!!

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