And One Day

She discovered that she was fierce and strong,
and full of fire, and that not even she could
hold herself back because her passion burned
brighter than her fears.

I have been working with women all my life.

Women who are creating new and next chapters in their lives.
Women who are ready to step into becoming the leaders they are meant to be.
Women who want more of everything that makes them feel good.

Over these years, I have noticed that women can sometimes lose sight of who they are, slowly over time without even noticing.

I also know that often, behind the polished, fit and social woman they present to the world, and deep down inside, in the space of full wisdom, they know there is a bigger, more authentic version of herself ready to emerge into the world. But in order to find her, she would have to stop hiding behind the person everyone else wants her to be.

I am deeply committed to the empowerment and advancement of all women, and the right of each of us to create a life we love.

You and I, we are the same.

I am a woman whose life has been nothing more than a series of transitions.

I am divorced.

I have two extraordinary children, two sons in their early 20’s who make me a better woman and person. They have launched and are beginning to create their own independent lives.

I have loved and had my heart broken, more than once.

I work full time and have my business, they allow me to do the work I love in the world. It hasn’t been easy but I have kept my eye on my vision.

I take care of my mind, body and soul. Having watched so much loss of family and friends, I know that our health is more important than anything else.

I have friends that fill my world with joy and laughter.

I love and value my sexuality, and use my voice and power as a woman to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I am always moving between what was and what will be, and it is an adventure.

I love chocolate, travel, surprises, exploration, skiing and putting fresh flowers in my home.

And more than anything else, I want to support you to get everything you want.

I have an undergraduate degree in finance, an MBA in strategic planning, both life and executive coaching certifications and have been trained a variety of other human behavior and leadership development practices. I am an author, speaker and recognized expert in the fields of divorce and women’s power and potential

All of my work is customized around your needs, unique situation and vision for what you want in your life. It blends strategic planning, traditional coaching and a backbone of emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

I can't wait to meet you.

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