I wasn’t going to write this week, because I am on vacation in Sedona, Arizona with my man, but I couldn’t let Mother’s Day arrive without sharing a few thoughts with you.

I am a daughter and a mother, two roles that I cherish deeply.

But this is a message for all of you.

You may be a mother; biological, single, adoptive, step or foster mother.

Or perhaps you are an aunt, god mother or are raising and loving a pet.

Or perhaps you may have decided that your path does not include being a mother at all.

As much as I love (adore!) being a mother to my two incredible sons, it is not how I define myself.

Rather, it is only part of how I define myself; it is one of the many incredible, powerful and rewarding roles that find I hold as I move along every beautiful age and stage of my life.

Truly, it is only in being the woman I am meant to be that I am able to show up as the mother I have always hoped I could and would be.

Yes, being a mother adds a layer of complexity to life…the ups, the downs and all arounds…it is, as my friend Angela likes to say, “gorgeous chaos”…it really, truly is. And it is only my foundation as a strong, happy, healthy and whole woman that has allowed me to enjoy each and every minute of it.


I know that you sometimes feel overwhelmed,





and unsure of whether you are doing it “right”. But darling, there is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad and there is no black or white. There is only living, loving, and leading with intention and a fierce and feminine commitment to doing the best you can. That is all.

Take time this weekend to reflect on and recommit to this incredibly special role you hold and celebrate what an amazing and courageous job you are doing.

For those of you who are not, I deeply honor the beautiful chaos of your life and the journey of womanhood that you are on. Being a mother in no way makes anyone more special or a more robust or magnificent woman. You are infinitely beautiful in all of your choices.

Our lives are a string of and intersection of the infinite roles we play; and there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than serving and supporting you to shine brilliantly in all of the ones you choose in your bold and beautiful life.

And in honor of our mothers, the women who brought you and I into the world and did the very best they could under all kinds of situations and experiences…let us find a gentle way to express gratitude for their presence, past and present, in our lives. There is no such thing as perfection…mothers are human and while they may not always be able to express it in the way you want or need, their love for you is, and has always been there. You are profoundly loved.

To my mother, Martha Weisbart, I love you dearly. I know that I am less than “perfect” as a daughter…doing the best I can along my journey. You are, and have always been, an inspiration; a fierce and feminine role model that has taught me what it means to love deeply, lead with wisdom and move through life with grace, integrity and the commitment to be open to every experience and opportunity imaginable. I am so incredibly grateful and honored to have been given you as my best friend, mentor and mom. I love you, love you, love you!

Happy mother’s day to all of you.



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