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It’s that time.

Having grown up in the Northeast, the arrival of September always meant the beginning of a new school year, sweater shopping and the opportunity to reinvent myself as part of beginning the new academic year.

I loved purchasing and organizing new school supplies, choosing the outfit for the first day of school and the excitement of imagining the potential of what was to come.

The excitement that comes with this special time of the year has never left me… in fact, I feel it now more strongly than ever.

Yes, summer brings with it a different kind of energy, frivolity and playfulness, but with September comes infinite opportunity for renewal, recommitment and an openness to what comes next.

You may not feel it yet, after all, kids are going back to school and leaving for college, you may be adjusting to being an empty nester or like me, you could be in the midst of your own life, love or career transitions. So here are a few tips for “Fall-ing” into success as we move into September:

  • Begin with the End in Mind

September marks the beginning of the final third of the year, and an opportunity to finish strong. Take time over this Labor Day weekend to ask yourself the following question:


When December 31st arrives, what do you wish you would have done, created or accomplished?


Once you have gotten clarity on this question, you can begin working on what needs to happen now and over the next few months that will allow you to achieve all that you want.


  • Set Goals with Soul

As you begin to answer this question, it is important that you do so with an intention to create goals with soul. Goals with soul are created when you seek the feeling behind the goal.

If you are looking for a new job, then you will want to understand how you want that job to make you feel. Ask yourself what aspects of the job will satisfy how you truly want to feel in your professional life. What would the hours be? What do you hope the relationship will be with your boss or with your team. Imagine and design the vision for how you want to feel in this new job (or new house, new relationship or financial situation) and then set your goal.

The more soul your goals have, the easier it is for the universe, and everyone else in your life, to work on your behalf.


  • Accept and Embrace the Uncertainty

It’s entirely likely that you are feeling the overwhelm and discomfort of transition and the uncertainty that comes with it.

Well, suck it up buttercup!

It is time to breathe deeply, accept and embrace the uncertainty of what is to come.

You have sent the kids back to school, launched them into college, perhaps let go of a relationship, job or living situation…and with this letting go comes empty, and always uncomfortable space. And yet, the uncertainty of what will now fill that space is where the juicy, unimaginable, and infinite possibilities lie.

So as you move into the fall, take time to exercise, enjoy the company of those who make you feel good and sink into becoming comfortable with the unfolding of your new and next.


This is your time of renewal, reinvention and re-commitment to the life, love and career you desire.

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