I laughed when a friend told me that she has adopted the above as her motto for 2009.


What will you do with the 365 days in 2009?
Are you ready to own your life?

Are you willing to let go of mediocre and go for your full potential?

Are you willing to let go of your safety net and go for it?

Are you ready to quit accepting other people’s expectations of you?

Are you willing to make the changes and do the work to go to the next level?

What topic has occupied most of your thoughts this past year?

What problem seems to follow you around each year?

What dream has been gathering dust on the shelf?

What would be wonderful for you and your job?

What would be wonderful for you and your family?

Have you taken time to stop and assess your life and situation?

How can you make it better?

What can you do to get the ball rolling?

2009 is mine! Are you ready to make it yours?

If you answered yes to these wonderful questions, then this will be your year!

Setting New Goals and Creating Your New Future!

As we enter this new year, let me recommend that this is the perfect time to open yourself up to all that you want to be! With no limits, no fears, no one to hold you back.

The following is an exercise that will allow you to dream, create and plan your new future…I hope it is as helpful to you as it was for me!

Step One: Brainstorm a list of anything you would like to achieve, create, give, have, do and/or experience in the next 20 years!

Put everything that comes into your mind down on the paper…DO NOT let reasons why you can’t or won’t achieve it enter into your thought process. Be as bold, creative and open as you can…this will begin to shape your VISION!

Step Two: Next to each item on your list, write 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years next to each goal to indicate how long it will take you to achieve them.

Just Do It!!!!

Step Three: Review your list again and choose your top four year goals. Write down WHY you will absolutely achieve this goal within the next twelve months.

Focus on WHY you will, not HOW you will. This is what you will focus on as the year moves forward. You will not and can not achieve these goals unless you have clearly and passionately identified WHY you will achieve them this year.

Step Four: Write down what kind of person it will take to achieve all that you want. Describe the character traits, values, beliefs, virtues…this person would embody.

You are not describing yourself…you are describing the person that WILL ABSOLUTELY achieve these goals.

It is a fantastic exercise and if you do it completely, it will be a plan for your year!

If you should have trouble really focusing and doing this exercise, don’t hesitate to call me to set up your complimentary consultation on how to create this amazing future.

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